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ESCS is offering high quality tutoring classes of Mandarin Language, Math and English to G1-G8 students.  Please call to discuss in detail.       Read more

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          Chinese Programs

  • After School Mandarin for Children
  • Mandarin Training for Adults
  • Saturday and PA Day Program
  • (Mandarin, Englihs, Math, Fine Arts)
  • Summer Camp                                                                Read more

Teach English and Learn Chinese in China? We will help you realize your dream! Please contact us for details!

Our online training program is hiring native English speakers as English language instructors for Chinese local students.

Provide online oral English classes for Chinese students aged from 6 to 12.
Design tailored oral English lessons for one-on-one classes based on students' real needs.
Use our company's books and materials to teach small group classes.
Write monthly report for students' learning outcome and give suggestions for their next step learning plan.
Conduct online classes and be punctual for the class schedule. 

Native English speakers who have at least two years' teaching experience;
Can communicate with young children with patience and skills;
OTC teachers' certificate or TESL certificate preferred;
It would be perfect if you can speak some Chinese Mandarin;
Can work at least 2 hours either in the mornings or in the evenings and teach at at lease two sessions per week.

Please send your resume to Jennifer.escs@gmail.com. We will contact you as soon as we receive your resume.


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ESCS helps Children  master language skills in Mandarin, Cantonese and English and preserve their culture. We create happy and safe learning environment and ensure effective Academic training.      Read more