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ESCS is offering high quality tutoring classes of Mandarin Language, Math and English to G1-G8 students.  Please call to discuss in detail.       Read more

          Chinese Programs

  • After School Mandarin for Children
  • Mandarin Training for Adults
  • Saturday and PA Day Program
  • (Mandarin, Englihs, Math, Fine Arts)
  • Summer Camp                                                                Read more

Ready to improve your Mandarin, English, Math and Fine Arts?

We guarantee students' learning effectiveness and progress!

We’d love to meet with you in person for a free consultation. Simply give us a call at 647-834-8166 or fill out the following contact form to request a class to try out !Your message is very important, we will reply within 24 hours.

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Bridging the East and the West

ESCS helps Children  master language skills in Mandarin, Cantonese and English and preserve their culture. We create happy and safe learning environment and ensure effective Academic training.      Read more      

Office Location:2031-28 South Unionville Ave Markham L3R 9S6

Class Location: Wismer Public School

171 Mingay Ave. Markham ON L6E 1H8

Phone: 647-834-8166; 647-519-3027

E-mail: jennifer.escs@gmail.com